Problematic situations with IT – safety and modern devices.

In the today’s world there is a large number of dangerous situations, a lot of them are related with new technologies and specially with the Internet. How can we be prepared for this difficulties? Can we be safe in the global web?

There are many ways that we could do for our safety in IT world. The first thing is that we can put our computer in a proper space in our homes or firms. In corporations we have to care about server security, which means that serves must be located in appropriatelly locked, dry place and the access to it must be strongly secured. Server sim box fraud detection have to be on the first place in our list to do in our firm. However in our huses we don’t need to have a powerful server, so we have to secure only our devices. Secondly, we have to pay proper attention to our Internet provider, is it a good and certificated company? Thirdly what we have to do is veryfied antivirus shield in our device, we need to be aware that Internet gives us us a lot of possibilities, however also many dangers. Using the Internet we have a relation with the whole planet, we can exchange our thoughts and information, but unfortunately there is also a location for extremist actions and greedy. The Internet should be a place of freedom where users can exchange their ideas and increase their wisdom.


Autor: philippa law

It is an fantastic invention, because in one location we have got all wisdom of humanity, unfortunately we have got all stupidity to. A large noumber of the Web sites are created only for entertainment, so we have got hours of records about cats plays or such a thing like a 8 hour film which included a sound of a hair dryer (a lot of infants go to sleep when they hear that kind of thing). On YouTube we have got a fantastic old movies or we can find sites with MIT speaches, but also thousands of sites with teenage video blogs, which are a sort of modern diary for teenagers. We must remember – everything that we post in the Web stays in the Web, so when we are a teenage girl with problems in school and with skin don’t put it in the Internet , because you may find this film after 20, 30 years and you will do only one thing deleted it, however if you are a teenager who has an important message to share or you are a member of some charity group say what you want to say loudly, that every single person who want to hear it had a possibility to hear your voice.

Today we must secure our IT devices from attacks (viruses, hackers), however first of all we must prevent ourselves from flood of useless communicates and carefully decide what we need to read and see in the Internet.